This is the best time to make sure that your cooling system is running properly.

Cleaning, maintenance and fixing small problems means that your AC system is working better in hot summer weather. And better equals less energy use, a system that operates more efficiently and SAVES MONEY. 15% off is valid when signing a one year contract

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What does FMC’s AC Preventative Maintenance Include?

When you make an appointment with FMC, we make sure that every part of your AC system is working properly. Some of your HVAC tune-up componentes are listed below.

Replace/Clean Filters

Dirty filters cut down on AC unit performance. Having filters replaced regularly is very important.

Check for Proper Temps & Record

FMC will calibrate and tune up the thermostats to make sure they operate properly.

Clean Condenser

Because of improper airflow a dirty condenser may not cool the refrigerant as quickly as it should. It surely leads to AC inefficiency.

Drain Pans

Flushing drain pans can prevent water from backing up and causing damage to floors and walls.

Fan Blades

Bent fan blades make vibrations and restrict airflow, which makes the unit motor work improperly.


Low refrigerant can damage the AC compressor or even cause it burn out which makes it much more costly.

Also Includes the Following and More…

Condensate Lines

Electrical Components

Evaporator Coil

Temperature Splits

Air Flow

Code Compliance

Duct Inspection

Blower Motor

Refrigerant Lines

Safety Controls



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