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Equipment Management


Equipment Management

FMC offers our clients a free to very low cost (depending on agreements, complexity, and needs) equipment management solution. FMC's equipment management solution enables our clients to view their equipment(s) service history and important unit info directly online through the cloud or at NFC tags located at the units. By utilizing NFC tags any of the client’s employees/maintenance personal can read the given tag on the piece of equipment using an Android smartphone or newer generation iPhone. As a result they can review pertinent equipment info and service history promptly and directly. By being able to quickly access the equipment history our clients can better ascertain what has been (and maybe is currently) happening with the system. Also it helps the client make an informed decision as to whether or not putting additional capital into repairing the system outweighs replacing it. FMC strives to give our clients an easy portal to access their equipment information without having to utilize expensive and costly equipment management software on their end which also requires direct upkeep. FMC developed an open source cloud & NFC based solution that enables us to satisfy our clients’ needs in extremely cost effective manner. Furthermore, the client can easily disseminate the information and take ownership of the info if they decide to no longer utilize FMC services.

This system also helps FMC technicians and office staff better manage and service our clients’ equipment, as all of the pertinent information is readily available.